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 I'm unsure if this fic even exists anymore but I've been trying to find it for quite a long time.

I remember it initially being Draco and the slytherins daring Snape to make Harry fall in love with him. maybe im confusing this next section with another story however i think i remember Harry spending a lot of time in Snape's sitting room and cuddling him. It took a while for him to warm up to Snape.

Finally when Severus goes to take Harry's virginity in probably the room of requirement the slytherins watch and harry says 'I love you' i think and then they come out and tell Harry it was a dare and he runs away crying.

It ends with Snape apologising and convincing harry he loves him. Happy ending.

Once again I'm unsure if this is still published but if anyone could help it would be much appreciated! 
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