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DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter and the characters found within the Harry Potter Universe belong to JK Rowlings and not myself.
WARNINGS: This is an Snarry AU (which ignores a number of deaths). Mpreg and NC-17 scenes may feature at a later date.


Long, young, nubile fingers with traces of blood trembled as they reached for the entrance of the Shrieking Shack.


With Voldemorts' demise, the young man with the lightening bolt scar on his forehead returned to where he'd left Hogwarts greasy git of a potions master under a stasis spell so that he wouldn't die. Not after all the memories that he had seen before making his way to the final battle against the horror that had been Tom Morvolo Riddle, otherwise known as Voldemort and by some as the Dark Lord.


Despite the man who laid unconscious, who would have bled to death and succumbed to the snakes poisonous bite, having made mistakes, Harry could not think of anyone who was braver than Severus Snape himself. And all of it, because of the great emotion that was love.


There was one thing that he'd learned during his momemnt at the place between life and death. In limbo. Dumbledore lived. But only if he could get him within the next month and bring to him the potion which would allow him to revive from the oldest of all sleeping curses. It was called Quietus Decor.


Upon seeing those memories the ex-Professor and ex-Headmaster of Hogwarts Harry had realized just how much Snape had not wished to kill Albus Dumbledore and so he'd set about doing something that had not been a part of the Headmasters plan, nor Voldemorts. For that, he was thankful.


What lives hung in the balance he'd do his best to try and save and that included saving the man he'd once thought truly to be on the side of the dark. “I'm sorry.” He whispered. If only he'd listened to him and trusted him, perhaps things might have turned out for the better.


We'll go get Professor Dumbledore, Snape. You just have to get better first. For only you know where to find him and how to revive him.” There had been a way in those memories, but it was too difficult for himself.


A month however did not give them very much time. And as their potions master was currently out for the count, that did not bode well for them, for who else could brew the best potion to combat the venom circulating in the greasy gits blood?


Hearing two voices behind him, he glanced up and turned his head. Ron and Hermione.


Harry, what are you doing? The professors wont like it. We need to get back to the others.”


Hermione and her need to follow the rules even though she didn't follow them herself roused a rueful smile upon Harry's countenance.


It was Ron's questions however that had his slight smile dipping into a frown.


Isn't that... Snape? Harry? What are you doing with the git?” Ron stared at him, wide eyed, horror evident in his glance as he tried to look anywhere but at what appeared to be their temporary Headmasters corpse.


I'm in the process of trying to save his life. The stasis spell wont last forever. And as I'm not all that great at potions, I need help. I know that the antivenin potion needs to be brwed as well as blood replenishers. I don't know his blood type, but as O negative is used universally that might be best, so...”


The rest of what he'd been about to say was cut off by Ron.


Ron's jaw slackened for a moment before he questioned in a rather loud and grating tone, “Are you out of your bloody mind!? He's a Death Eater! And a bloody greasy git too!”


Hermione turned around and frowned at her newly acquired boyfriend, “Ron! That does not mean we should let him die.”


Ron muttered, “Azakaban would be too good for him. He deserves what he got.”


Harry frowned at the pair of them, though his gaze was more pointed toward his red haired friend. “He wont be going to Azkaban if I have anything to say about it.” Not that he could control the ministry, but he did hope that things would get better now that Voldemort was finally, completely and utterly dead.


Hermione and Ron both stared at him with questioning gazes, as if they thought that he had indeed lost his mind.


He held up one of his hands, “Listen! I saw what his memories contained when he believed he was about to die. He would have, if I had not been able to think fast enough. But he did not murder Dumbledore for Voldemort. Dumbledore was the one who asked him to do it as he was already dying due to a curse. However Snape instead of killing him, in order to save Dracos' soul as Dumbledore wished to do, he instead used Quietus Decor. Which he can be woken from and now with the horcruxes destroyed, he should be able to live until well... he's older than old.”


Hermione was quiet for some time, with a slow blink, she finally spoke. “I knew we should have trusted him, but he played his part so well, even I could not trust him despite Professor Dumbledores trust in him. But if Professor Dumbledore is alive...”


Ron just continued to gape.


Inwardly, Harry felt his body tensing and heat boiling beneath his collar. Irate that his friends only stood there, he stood up with his wand and flicked it at them, though there was no spell uttered.


Ron. Hermione. Listen to me. Hermione, I need you to brew the potions. Antivenin and blood replenishers. And Ron, I need you to help me carry Snape to a safer location than this. We can't let anyone else know about him, not until he's awake and has helped me revive the sleeping Headmaster.” Although Minerva McGonagal was currently the Headmistress. He didn't know if Professor Dumbeldore would return to his position or not once revived.


Hermione clasped her hands together and gave him a nod. “Right. I'll go find a cauldron and my potions text. We haven't got time to waste.” Lowering one of her hands, she patted one of her pockets before turning to leave.


Ron glanced in his girlfriends direction, his pupils dilating as she walked away.


"Come on Ron. We'll take him to his dungeons."


The other young man chortled before turning around and grabbing onto the greasy gits legs.


Harry, putting his wind away in a back pocket, placed his hands under Professor Snapes' shoulders and helped Ron lift him, straining his muscles by doing so.


"He should bloody 'ell be at home there, Harry."


"Right. But... maybe the Room of Requirement would be better, Ron."


"That's even further away. And he's bloody heavy."


"Well he is a fully grown man with too many layers of clothing. Do you want me to..."


Ron paled and shook his head, "No! Seeing the greasy git naked would give me nightmares."


Harry shook his head and with his friends help managed to get Snape safely to the dungeons whilst everyone was picking up and regrouping after the terrifying final battle.


"Ron, can you go find Hermione? And tell Madam Pomfrey to come here."


That seemed to brighten his redheaded friend up, by the way his mouth quirked into a smile. "Of course."


Harry, exhausted and alone with battle wounded Severus Snape, slumped into his seat.


He had left one battle only to begin another. Making sure that Snape survived and was exonerated for all those horrid charges against him that were certain to crop up.


Instead of a villain – even though the man had started out that way, he was a war hero. A very brave man who had suffered for many years. But someone Harry felt deserved a piece of happiness in his life instead of just dying.


Without the man, Harry had a feeling, believed that he himself might just have been dead long before that last battle with Voldemort had taken place.


He grimced.


And when you wake up, you're going to be just as horrid to me as you've always been, or worse, I imagine. But I don't care. I'm not going to let you die.” There had already been far too many casualties. And many near misses. There was also the fact that there were still Death Eaters on the loose.


Harry believed that the Aurors, the ones truly on the side of light would catch up to them. But perhaps, once Snape was awake, he too could help bring in what followers remained of Voldemors tyranny.


Green gaze flickered over the pale figure that was Severus Snape once more.


I hope saving you hasn't earned me any more detentions. Not that you can until you're exonerated and allowed your position back. And I'll have to return for an extra year seeing as this year no one really learned much,” With that said, his eyes fluttered closed.


He was no longer capable of keeping his eyes open. Not after the insomnia he'd suffered during the moments between being chased down and then finally ending the war by ending Voldemorts life once and for all..

Author Note: Unfortunately, I do not have a beta. Each one I've tried to gain in the past for other fics that I shall neither name or lead one to as they are not in the HP verse has disappeared on me. Therefore, feel free to point any holes out in plot and any grammatical errors that I did not catch myself.
I am further curious myself to know what you think of the beginning of this piece. I do have an idea of where it will go, but am still open to suggestions. However I am not apt to use suggestions unless somehow they fit in with the direction I intend to take.


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