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DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter and the characters found within the Harry Potter Universe belong to JK Rowlings and not myself.
WARNINGS: This is an Snarry AU (which ignores a number of deaths). Mpreg and NC-17 scenes may feature at a later date.
Chapter One


Shaken awake by unseen hands, Harry whipped out his wand only to notice soon thereafter that his would be attacker was none other than his good friend Hermione Granger.


Sorry Hermione.”


Don't worry, Harry. After all that's happened I suspected you might be a little bit jumpy.”


Ron, “A li'l? Hermione, Harry could have hexed you, or worse.”


Hermione glared at Ron which had the red headed young man quickly shutting his mouth.


Harry glanced at Hermiones hand and the cauldron not too far away. “You've got everything?”


It's already brewed.”


How is that possible?”


Well... I snatched a time turner. How else would I be able to brew blood replenishing potions and antivenin. Do you know how difficult it was to hide from everyone for more than a month?”


Harry and Ron starred at her and she groaned.


Never mind! Let's just get these potions into Professor Snape. I don't know how he can drink him when he's so out of it.”


Harry had an idea. “I'll pour some into my mouth and then make sure it goes down his throat.”


Ron stared wide eyed at him. “Harry, are you mad?”


He frowned at Ron. “Ron, it might be the only way to save his life. There have been enough deaths today, if I can save just one more life, his life, then I can't see it as madness.”


With that said he turned back and took one of the potions bottles offered by Hermione. He poured it into his mouth, but did not swallow nor spit it out despite how disgusting it was.


Tilting Snapes head back, he gripped the mans chin in one hand and forced his mouth apart with as gentle a precision as possible.


His lips touched the older mans and instead of being repulsed, he was instead intrigued. They were neither chapped, cracked nor terribly hard. But neither were they very soft. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue against Snape's in hopes it would cause the man to swallow and close off the way to his lungs.


He felt some movement. Then the flicker of eyelashes, saw a pair of confused dark eyes. Eyes that were like looking into twin tunnels. They intrigued him and yet confused him. The touching of their mouths had been meant only as a way to aid healing Professor Snape. But he wanted more.


Despite the strange longing, or perhaps because of it, he pulled away.


Good, you're awake. Maybe you can take your potions without any help now.”


What...? Potions? Potter, are you mad? The Dark Lord...”


Is dead.”


Professor Snape blinked. “How is it then, that you are alive?”


I cannot say. It is a secret entrusted to me by Professor Albus Dumbledore. Now, please, take your potions.”


He frowned, “I trust you were not the one to brew them?”


No. Hermione was.”


Very well. Despite being an insufferable know-it-all, I trust Grangers potions far more than yours, or Weasleys, Potter.”


Ron muttered, “Still a git.”


Hermione and Harry both elbowed Ron before Harry knelt with another bottle of potions to pour it into Professor Snapes mouth seeing as he proved too weak as yet to lift his arms far enough.


Then Professor Snape asked, “Why not let me die?”


Harry shook his head. “I don't know. But dieing wont solve your problems. I know you loved my mother, but I think its time for you to let her memory go and find a new love. You've done your part in protecting me. But, Professor, its time you finally lived.”


As if I can. Death is better than Azkaban.”


We wont let you go to Azkaban. Your memories, mine and Dumbledore's will show the world the truth.”


I don't want any of it known. Not why. Not while I'm alive.”


Hermione rolled her eyes. “Professor, listen to Harry.”


And why should I listen to a bloody Gryffindor whose meddling was not wanted in the first place?”


Ron muttered again, “The more he drinks the worse he gets. Lets just leave him here.”


Harry and Hermione, “Ron!”


Ron shook his head, but he remained, although he didn't stand too close to him.


Aurors began to filter into the Shrieking Shack. Including Nymphador Tonks and Kingsley. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin also appeared.


Harry stood with his friends on either side of him in front of Snape.


Harry waved his wand, “Stay away from him. He will not go to Azkaban.”


Kingsley frowned, “And why is that Harry? He killed Albus Dumbledore.


Not in cold blood like everyone thinks.”


Potter,” his professor warned before coughing. He still needed more potion.


We'll take him to St. Mungos' and then remand him to my custody until the hearing is set. But he will be set free. I know he will.”


Sirius Black, “Harry, you've got to be joking.”


Harry pointed his wand at his godfather. “I am not joking. The first one to touch him or try to take him will find out just how serious I am.”


Kingsley nodded, “Very well then. We'll let the Ministry know whats going on. But if he should not be within a three hundred feet of you, he will be escorted to Azkaban.”


Harry, “Fine.”


The Aurors left as did Remus.


Sirius shook his head, “I cannot believe this, Harry. Are you that daft?”


Professor Snape sneered, “And what will you do about that, Black.”


Shut up Snivellus.”


Harry, “Stop calling him that. You and your friends were just bullies. Like Draco Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle. It seems to me that they don't just exist in Slytherin. I may love my parents, but that doesn't mean I don't see their faults. So stop acting so high and mighty.”


Sirius stared at Harry, mouth agape. “Harry...”


Harry frowned, “I think you should go Sirius. At least for now.”


Remus had returned, “Come on Sirius.” And Sirius reluctantly followed.


He turned around to see that Snape appeared to be assessing him. But no further words were forthcoming.


Come on then, lets get you to St. Mungo's.”


Harry, Ron and Hermione all touched the professor on an arm or leg and apparated.


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